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Finding the Treasure: Good News from the Estates

Good News from the Estates Podcast

You might remember the ‘Good News from the Estates’ podcast from a couple of years ago. The Estates Theology Project brought together pairs of practitioners and theologians to ask the question, ‘Finding the treasure: What is the good news from the estates?’ The podcast series showcases this work and how the project has helped churches and their neighbours to reflect on what gifts God has given them to share together.
The episodes are still available to listen, you can search for ‘Good News from the Estates’ in your podcast app or listen online here:

Finding the Treasure – book out April 2023

Finding the Treasure

The accompanying book, Finding the Treasure is due for publication in April 2023. Thanks to the generosity of both the editor, Al Barrett, and the publisher, SPCK, NECN will benefit financially from sales of this book.

The fruit of two years of ‘deep listening’ in five different estate neighbourhoods across England, Finding the Treasure brings together local ministers and academic theologians to attend to the voices of estates residents.

What do they love about the place they’re in? What brings them joy as well as grief? And what do hope and good news look like? Rooted in the real-life contexts of these local communities, rich in theological insights, and bold in the challenges it presents to the wider Church, Finding the Treasure offers inspiration and practical guidance for readers willing to engage in similar deep listening within their own communities.

In areas and churches that have all too often been labelled ‘needy’, ‘failing’ and ‘deprived’, Finding the Treasure shines a spotlight on an abundance of wisdom and resourcefulness, faith, hope and love that can be found in our estate churches, neighbourhoods, and beyond. Find out more from SPCK.

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