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Helping through ACTS 435

NECN has been finding out how you can help people in need through ACTS 435 and how you can get involved.

Acts 435 was inspired by the works of the early church, as described in Acts 4:35. The early disciples of the risen Christ shared their possessions, and passed money to the apostles to give to anyone who had need.

Acts 435 seeks to work primarily through local churches and be a resource for them as they reach out to their local community. Local churches and charities are well placed to know who is in genuine need in their community, a key part of how Acts 435 works, and also help spread the word to potential donors in their congregations and networks. They are particularly looking for more people and churches to get involved as advocates.

Katie Greene from Acts 435 tells us more:

Acts 435: Giving to anyone who has need’

Acts 435 exists to serve churches and local charities who are already seeing the desperate need in their communities, or who want to engage with those in need further. Through partnering with Acts 435 your church or local charity can be enabled to meet the practical everyday needs of those facing poverty and hardship in your local community.
Acts 435 partners with over 600 local churches and charities in the UK, and seeks to meet the needs of individuals known to these places through our online giving platform.
The church nominates an Advocate (Acts 435 representative) who posts requests on behalf of those they meet. The requests for the applicants are for small, specific needs such as a washing machine, ID documents, carpets, gas and electricity top-ups, counselling fees – the list is endless!
Donors are then able to go onto our website and donate any amount towards that request. It’s a way of crowdfunding for those families and individuals who find themselves in crisis situations, and who have no way to meet these needs otherwise.
Over the last 11 years Acts 435 has directly helped 35,000 individuals with over £3,600,000. 100% of every donation given goes towards the specific need of the individual or family.

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