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  • Sports Ministry on Estates – 20th Oct 2022

    Sports Ministry on Estates – 20th Oct 2022

    Plans are coming together for our workshop day. Read more to see the programme for the day and hear from the keynote speakers Martin and Claire.

  • NECN meetup at Greenbelt – 29th August

    NECN meetup at Greenbelt – 29th August

    Are you going to Greenbelt Festival? We’ll be there – we’re planning a meetup at the yoURCafé on Monday 29th at 10am.

  • Church at the Margins Resources

    Church at the Margins Resources

    The Methodist Church has training and resources available to its members through Church at the Margins and anyone can view the Church at the Margins webinar archive.

  • Cinnamon Connect Learning Community

    Cinnamon Connect Learning Community

    Cinnamon Connect is a learning community that aims to put you in touch with people, resources and knowledge to help your church change lives.

  • Cinnamon Network Micro-Grants

    Cinnamon Network Micro-Grants

    NECN has been catching up with some news from the Cinnamon Network about their Micro-grants and new learning community, Cinnamon Connect.

  • Helping through ACTS 435

    Helping through ACTS 435

    NECN speaks to Katie Greene to find out how Acts 435 works to help people in need and how you can get involved, perhaps as a new advocate.

  • Transforming Lives for Good

    The Box of Hope Story Following the success of previous years, Transforming Lives for Good (TLG) are relaunching their emergency care package project, Box of Hope, this winter. Read more or get involved via the TLG website. When the COVID-19 pandemic first hit the UK, TLG was incredibly concerned about children and families going into…

  • Frontier Youth Trust – Resources and upcoming events

    Hi Friends Here’s a link to download Seeds of Resistance – a short PDF publication of learning and ideas on the theme of ’slow youth work’ Across the FYT movement we have been exploring the theme of going ’slow’ in working with young people – including looking after ourselves, being focused on relationships, thinking about pace and longevity, and having the time…

  • Much more than just a school

      Last week I attended just some of the amazing sessions at the Food Power Festival. So many people, churches and groups are finding innovative and yet simple ways to support those suffering food poverty. Looking for good examples where dignity and solidarity are paramount. This is the story of a journey to love and…

  • Restore

    Across the country, there are many who have just had to keep going…and it won’t be until they are finally able to pause, that the full extent of the damage done in their lives will become apparent. Four years on, I know that God has restored my soul in so many beautiful ways, but I…

  • Coastal Estates

      When we talk of coastal towns, for many of us that evokes childhood images of fish and chips, ice-creams, sandy beaches and a paddle in the clear blue sea. What is quickly forgotten is the hours of sitting in traffic on roads not built to cope with the sudden influx of holiday traffic. Perhaps…

  • Who’s who @NECN Introducing John Rafferty

      I was born and brought up in a large council housing estate on the South Side of Glasgow. This was the 1950’s and 60’s when the policy was to move people from the old tenements of the centre to new, modern housing on the periphery of town.  50,000 people moved to Pollok where I…